7 Things To Know When Choosing an Equipment Vendor

Choosing an equipment vendor is a serious decision and should be based on quality of service and equipment, trust, and mutual respect. It’s not just about aerial lifts – it’s about building relationships.

 Strive to find a true business partner who can offer great service, equipment that performs well, and reasonable prices. Here are a few qualities that make for a great working relationship when choosing an equipment vendor.


choosing an equipment vendor

1) Expectations are clear.

Your vendor knows your business and you know theirs. They are able to provide what you need for your current project and anticipate future needs. Most importantly, your vendor knows not to make promises on which they cannot deliver.


2) Communication is uncomplicated.

They understand the best ways to reach you and utilize those avenues to your specifications. Your vendor schedules face-to-face meetings if necessary and follows up in a timely manner when you send emails or leave voicemails.

If for some reason interruptions in service are unavoidable, your vendor will inform you well ahead of time so your business is not affected. They also work with you to create a contingency plan for these situations.

Failure to communicate clearly and in a timely manner will only lead to frustration and complications in the relationship.


3) You’re on the same level.

When you work with a vendor, the relationship should feel mutually beneficial. There is an innate understanding that each party enhances the other’s bottom line. One is not superior to the other.


4) They know what’s out there.

Your vendor should be committed to staying informed about new aerial lifts on the market and industry trends. They should also be able to educate you about pre-existing equipment you may not have considered purchasing or incorporating into your fleet.


5) They’re financially healthy.

Working with a business that’s in financial trouble could be harmful when trying to fulfill the demands of your projects.


6) They align with industry standards.

Is your vendor complying with OSHA and ANSI guidelines? Do they have a good safety record? Can they prove it without hesitation?


7) Improvement is a priority.

You get the sense that your vendor is constantly looking for ways to provide better service and equipment. They also outline a long-term plan that will strengthen your relationship overtime.


When it comes to renting or purchasing equipment, you’ll need to evaluate a vendor in a few key areas:

  • Do they have the machines (or parts of machines) you are looking for or can they acquire them efficiently?
  • Is the feedback about their sales support overwhelmingly positive?
  • What is the general consensus on the quality of the vendor’s service support?

Finding a good vendor also prevents you from having to do a ton of research. If you have a vendor you trust, you won't have to do any research of your own. The vendor will handle it for you!

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with a company who specializes in working with equipment dealers, contact Coast to Coast Equipment today.

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