Coast to Coast: A Quality Equipment Company

Coast to Coast (CTC) Equipment has over 100 years of combined experience renting and selling aerial equipment. When you work with us, you’ll have access to a sales team that knows the industry inside and out (including market conditions) that will help you buy and sell assets with minimal hassle.

Based in Cleveland, CTC is a quality equipment company ready to handle your fleet management and delivery while you focus on customers and generating revenue.


Fleet Evaluation

When it comes to fleet evaluation and rightsizing, CTC will help you dispose of your fleet quickly and efficiently at a price above liquidation or auction value.

You won’t have to worry about faulty machines, either. CTC quality equipment companyguarantees rental ready equipment with new oil and filters, no leaks, current or new manufacturers’ decals, new paint, hoods, and platforms.

We’ll help you quickly outfit your entire start-up operation or provide you with equipment on an as-needed basis. Not ready to purchase equipment? No problem! CTC has the ability to offer a re-rent program to our partners.

Additionally, as part of our “Trade-Up” Program, CTC will analyze your fleet and recommend crucial times to upgrade to refurbished, new, or nearly new machines.


Service and Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about unqualified technicians handling your machines. CTC has a full-service shop and staffs only factory-certified mechanics who are qualified to service all the top aerial lift manufacturers.

Don’t let preventative maintenance fall to the wayside. Let CTC help ensure that your equipment is in excellent working condition through our annual inspections, routine maintenance, and capability to fix difficult repairs.

CTC can also facilitate refurbishment and reconditioning programs for your fleet, which will help offset the cost of new equipment and boost ROI during times of high rate pressure.

 We offer many financing options. CTC is partnered with the industry’s top banking institutions, affording you the choice of a variety of products designed to help you own or lease the equipment you need to get the job done.


Retail Sales Program

CTC’s robust fleet includes over 700 units and growing. When you work with us, a consistent quality equipment companyinventory of new, used, and refurbished machines will be available to you in order to help grow your business.

Imagine: a sales team focused on business development rather than wasting valuable time finding equipment to suit prospects’ or customers’ needs! CTC makes this a reality by providing your team with a diverse mix of units that are guaranteed to be in stock for up to six weeks. We also provide promotional materials, detailed photo and inspection reports on each unit, and suggested pricing.


Partner Discounts

Building solid relationships within the industry takes time. The good news for you is that CTC has already forged that path. We have leveraged our buying power and relationships with top aerial equipment manufacturers. This means you’ll get the most competitive pricing possible. We’ll take care of the negotiations while you enjoy quality products at a fair price.

Our goal is to continue to build upon the relationships we have with customers while focusing on their profitability. Your success is vital to our growth.

Let us help you make your projects that much easier by supplying you with quality equipment and managing your fleet and delivery. We’ll be your personal equipment team and your partner in profit.

We can start today! We created our latest eBook just for you. Take your rental yard to the next level with the industry insider tips and information found inside. Click below to get your copy!

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